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Mise en place redux



Welcome to Be Ready For Service…

Be Ready For Service is a blog, written by Roy Porter.
The blog is prepared for on and off-premises catering-banquet staff; the servers, bar tenders, kitchen staffs, also event; leads, captains and managers AKA “Cat Herders.” Fine dining restaurant staffs will also benefit from this blog!

Basically this blog is educational; mostly best practices, and performance improvement, plus tips, tricks, trivia, training fundamentals, ideas, thoughts, war stories, resources and attention to details to perform better in FOH (Front Of House); serving and bar tending environments — so the guest has a raving fanatic quality experience!

This is the only blog that I know of that focuses on improving service at on and off premise catering companies.

Another way of thinking about this blog would be “Shibumi.” “Shibumi” is a Japanese word that translates roughly to “effortless execution or perfection” Shibumi teaches preparation, practice and reduces stress when obstacles or challenging situations appear. It’s a Zen kinda teaching.

Often practice of basic skills makes for effortless execution. Practice earns confidence, and the ability to handle routine activities with ease and challenging situations with pose!

Whether one is setting a table, presenting an entrée’, pouring wine or clearing dishes there are some procedures, techniques and styles that need to be understood, practiced and followed for executing a flawless smooth service.

Students of “Shibumi” look at situations, draw from experience, improvise and adapts the best solution presented at the moment. If a better solution presents itself later, the students review, then adapt and improve again. This “cycle of improvement” continues until one reaches the infinite goal of perfection. Although one never can really attain perfection, it is certainly a goal worth working towards.

There’s a lot of talk these days about, “What’s unique, special, or different?” I suggest you seriously consider, “Being the best possible.” More thoughts later, on the practice of “Simply Better.”

Overall the goal of this blog is:

How to make the service experience better for the guests, plus easier, more fun, satisfying and profitable for the working staff – especially for those committed to pursing quality and excellence! Hence the title Be Ready For Service.

The blog tag line is: “Mis en place redux.” As you may know, “mise en place” is a French term used around professional kitchens that translates to “Everything has a place.” Anthony Bourdain claims, “Mise en place is his religion.”  In my readings and conversations with event, banquet, bar and catering staffs, I concluded that “mise en place” is not limited to only the kitchen.

Mis en place also applies to the FOH (Front Of House). I think another look at the principles of mise en place is in order for the FOH staff… thus “mise en place redux.”

The blogs posts will include further comment on the 155 major offenses of serving and bar tending staff.

Yeah 155+ points… I put together the list because when I am working as manager — I don’t like walking around “playing cop” correcting staff of basic bad habits during events and service. On occasions there just isn’t the time to be diplomatic and “sugar coat it.” Watch for future blog posts on the list. There are better methods that produces better results for everyone!

Hopefully those reading this blog will find some benefit as a refresher or something new from the 155 offences list, other postings on the blog, and will return often for updates, or resources while telling your co-workers and managers about this blog.

Thanks for reading and hold on to your aprons!

BTW… Look under archives for more posts.


© Copyright 2010 Roy Porter All Rights Reserved for all posts on this blog



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  1. stacy scott December 28, 2010 at 3:56 PM

    LOVE your blog and your posts on Catersource. Are you California based – Northern or Southern Cal?

    Do you do phone consults?

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